Welcome to Wodehouse

About a year or so ago I installed a SmartThings Hub and a few switches into our apartment (which we fondly call “Wodehouse”).  I’ve been slowly accruing other features and niceties for the house and trying to automate as much as I can, and I’ve tried out a bunch of different personal devices to help the house connect with me.  

Why?  Because I’m a child who grew up reading and watching sci-fi and I want a house that just takes care of us without interference on my part. I suppose it’s the “Smart Home” that these IoT companies market, but it’s more of a wanting my house to feel like a part of the family.  I’ve decided to start documenting how that’s working out and what works and what doesn’t.  

It may also stand as a record of how Wodehouse ended up murdering us in our sleep.  But who knows!