Bellabeat Leaf Unboxing

My BellaBeat Leaf arrived today. The device is designed to track movement, sleep quality and breathing.  Here's what it looks like straight out of the box.

The box itself is meant to be used to store your device in, apparently.

The leaf comes with two ways to attach it to your human meat body - a leather bracelet and a simple chain.  For certain features the device is supposed to be worn clipped directly to your clothing.

Up close, you can see that the leaf is made up of a wooden box - housing all the accelerometers and bits and bobs - and a metal leaf motif that acts as a clip.  The package came with a rather stern additional sheet of paper warning not to extend the clip past 4mm (the maximum thickness of material it will fit on to is 2mm), which I assume means it will break if overstretched and the additional after-box warning means they've been having issues with that. 

The reverse is a very shiny metal back, where you can more easily see the small loop on the lower side intended to attach the leather strap as it's wrapped around your wrist, and some fairly functional looking screws to allow you into the device to change it's battery (which should last round 6 months).

I had to look at the instructions to work out how on earth to wrap this thing around my child-like wrist.  I think it looks ridiculous.  I'll be trying it out over the next few days most likely as a pendant and clip. 

Back soon with a review!